How can you tell your wife about your fantasies on sex dolls?

Most of the people have thought of buying silicon sex dolls for enhanced pleasure but they are not sure on how to tell their spouse about it. This problem is more if the person is married. So if you are one of them deciding to buy a doll but not sure of how to convey it to your girlfriend or your spouse then you are in the right place! In this article, we will talk of different ways to introduce your silicon partner to your wife. People throughout the world are investing on a sex doll to satiate sex desires.

Conveying your girl about your silicon partner may not be an easy job. However, if you follow the right way, you won’t face any issue in conveying it. In this article, few tips have been mentioned that will help you to introduce your silicon doll to your partner or express your desires for buying one.

  • Understand the desires and fantasies of your partner– The first thing that you need to do is understand your partner’s sex desires. The kind of intimacy she wants, the sex poses she is fond of and all the other details. Keeping in mind your and her needs, you can think of presenting customized Asian love dolls to your wife on her anniversary and birthday. She might be surprised but take time to make her understand how it will spice up their bedroom. Also, try to gift the doll on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or birthday. This will make her willingly accept the doll. Make her understand that the doll will benefit both of them and there won’t be any third person interfering in your lives. The doll can be used by her when she is alone and vice versa.
  • Buy a customized doll– As mentioned above, try to get a customized sex doll for your girl and present it on her birthdays or other occasions. Girls are sweet in nature and they whole heartedly accept gifts especially when it is gifted by their loving husband. There is no wrong in sharing your thoughts and feelings about sex to your spouse. It is no more a taboo! You just have to know the right way of gifting it to your partner. After all, it is all about the kind of understanding you both have with each other. That will make all the difference.
  • Plan to have threesome sex– You can do a lot when having threesome sex. It is one of the horniest things to do. The threesome sex becomes all the more interesting when you know who the third partner is. Surprise your wife with a blonde sex doll and take her to the room to engage in a steamy sex session with your girl and the doll. She won’t be able to resist it!

Follow these easy tips and introduce the doll to your partner. These tips will not only allow your partner to accept the doll but will also allow you both to reach the highest level of intimacy!