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Jenna Shea

  The early details of the life of Jenna Shae are sketchy at best. She was born on September 8, 1985, in Inglewood, California and raised in the US. While the details of her past are not open, her rise to fame as a webcam model and Instagram star; in tandem with her open discussion about her sexual adventures have put her into the limelight for all to see. Jenna Shae has over 600,000 Twitter followers, all of whom watch eagerly to see what outrageous stunt she pulls next. While the details of her early days may be a mystery, fans can always count on her to reveal every exciting aspect of her present-day life. The blonde bombshell is the stuff of fantasies as she is open to almost any act in the bedroom (assuming she decides even to use a bedroom). She billed as and promotes the fact that she is a blonde with big breasts and a big ass to boot. Standing at only 5’2”, she possesses 34D breasts, a whole 40-inch butt, and a waist of only 25 inches, which quite literally gives her the shape of an hourglass. Her dedication to customer service is second to none as she is willing to become whatever a paying customer may need. She has gone on record saying, “One thing I have to point out here is that when you’re paid, they don’t have to perform good.” This reflects her attitude as she ensures that her paying customers are taken care well.  

Jenna Shea's Personality

If it wasn’t already obvious, Jenna Shea is a pleaser of people, particularly her paying customers. She is a perfectionist in her craft and does not allow herself to give a lackluster performance. This is necessary to live up to the sheer hype that surrounds her as a result of her promotional techniques and to live up to the positive reviews she has received in the past. Jenna oozes with confidence at every turn; which is solidified by her stating that wherever she may end up with a customer; she has mastered creating a sanctuary of seduction and owning the environment. Jenna further describes her body as being magical and states that with her incredible smile and piercing blue eyes; she is dead set on awakening all your senses. From her vast experience, she know how to gauge a client to understand what exactly he want; even without the requirement for articulation. Once this put together, her one commitment is providing a dream of an experience. One could say that once paid, and she becomes obsessed with delivering that outcome and it shows. While it may sound like she is merely overconfident and full of herself; her wonderful personality traits that are relaxed and diverse enough to balance her out. Some of these traits are her ability to be observant, calm, conscientious; and to build the confidence of others (the fact that most of those that review her allude to a great experience mean she does this well).  

Sources of Income

Jenna decided to make full use of her physical assets by using them in various ways. First, by visiting Camsoda, you can access Jenna’s live feed while it’s online. Whenever she is online, you can spend multiple amounts to get her to perform specific actions. A subscription-based plan is also available that gives access to all of Jenna’s content both past and present. Usually, cam girls are seemingly just out of reach. They are generally well put together bombshells that surely make their viewing customers wish to have a moment with them in real life. Jenna Shea is one of the few cam girls with which this is possible as she also runs an escort service. While this is the reason to be excited, the rates for this taste of paradise are not cheap as a single hour costs $1,000; a night costs $5000; and two days fetches a hefty sum of $10,000. When the hours purchased in bulk, savings are derived; however, consider that there are cars that are more affordable than a couple of days with her. This expected of a woman that states that she promotes the fact that she wants to hear all about your forbidden fantasies and that she wishes to keep you on edge and turned on from the moment you meet, to when the transaction ends. Jenna Shea’s business decisions and resulting revenue have led her to have a net worth of just under $1 million.  

Juicy Adventures and Personal Website

As stated before, Jenna is not one to be very secretive with her adventures; which is one of the reasons she has such a large following. This holds for her interactions and her experiences with high profile names in entertainment and athletics. In one of her most popular interviews to date; she answered the questions that many of her followers (and people who would become followers) had in mind concerning high profile rappers and musicians. People are always looking for information that gives a window into the sex lives and sexual prowess of celebrities. If she is to believed, she hooked up with the likes of Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Tyga, French Montana, Rob Kardashian, and Soulja Boy. The nature of her interview was to describe not only how much she enjoyed the intercourse; but also the size of each man’s appendage. You may listen to an audio recording of the interview at Hip Hop Vibe. Though Jenna has her own space at Camsoda, also her jenna shea official site, which can be used with a subscription to view her photo and video content. For separate one-off costs, various items and services to purchase. These include a personal phone call, personalized texts; access to Jenna’s private Snapchat, and access to never before seen pictures and videos. Jenna Shae is a captivating individual both physically and mentally. For a demonstration of what she’s about you may have a look at her Pornhub page.   We also have the gorgeous cam model Sabrina Nichole

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Name jennashea
Gender Female
Location Houston TX
Languages English
Interested In Men, Women, Couples, Transsexuals
Hair Color Blonde
Current Show
Eye Color Blue
Body Type curvy
Breast Size 34DDD
Orientation Straight
Tags Jenna Shea
Smoke / Drink Yes
Age 34
Height 5 ft 2 in (157 cm)