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Lena The Plug 

Lena Nersesian AKA Lena the Plug seemingly needs no introduction these days as her popularity has skyrocketed to no end over the past two years. The 27-year-old California born bombshell is that girl that’s so bad; she’s too good.


Lena Nersesian Origins 

Lena Nersesian (her real name) was born to American parents and raised as an only child in Glendale, California. During that time her influences were purely religious as she raised in a conservative Christian home. In 2009, after that she completing high school, she began her tenure at the University of California; Santa Cruz where she studied Psychology and graduated with a degree in the field in 2013. She rumored to have dated a girl during this period after exploring her bisexual side. 

A year of her University tenure spent at Lund University in Sweden as a foreign exchange student where she enjoyed interacting with the natives and trying their cuisine. Lena also enjoyed working with autistic children during this time. Lena Nersesian learned the value of a dollar at an early age as she had to become a nanny and a personal assistant during her time in Sweden to be able to meet her basic needs. 

Ms. Nersesian got an offer for a place in a post-graduate program at the University of Southern California after earning her first degree but declined due to financial limitations. She then went on to work as an Uber driver and a grocery store attendant before discovering the world of social media. 

Her parents surely did not approve of her choices that followed due to their Christian values. Nevertheless, she quickly realized that the adage of ‘sex sells’ was real. Aware of both the need to improve her financial standing and of the physical assets that the possessed; she decided to begin a career on YouTube.


Social Media Stardom 

These days, the official youtube channel of lena nersesian is where she discusses a myriad of topics. Her vlogs are known to push the limits of the site as she wears just enough to cover her goodies and her vlogs do get a bit steamy. 

Regardless of how she may dress on camera; her videos and vlogs cover a wide array of areas in her life and the adventures she embarks. She has done videos on nutrition and fitness (she’s a huge fitness enthusiast if her body didn’t give that away), spring cleaning, traveling, and more. On the sexier side, she has talked about and shown some of her favorite sex toys; about allowing her friend to have sex with her boyfriend, and about her night out with porn stars. 

The video that credited with shooting her into stardom; however, is one that was done a couple of years ago where she promised to release a sex tape with her boyfriend if both her channel and has reached a million subscribers. At the point of doing the video promising the sex tape; Lena the Plug had less than 40,000 subscribers. After that video released, however, both her channel and that of her boyfriend shot up to over a million subscribers seemingly overnight. The official instagram of lena nersesian account followed a similar upward trend in followers and at the time of writing, stands at 1.7 million followers. Much of her Instagram content is reported and flagged due to the steamy nature of the photos and videos that she uploads.

Lena The Plug Sex Tape

With a beautiful pair of dark eyes, a seductive voice, and 36-28-44 measurements; Lena the Plug’s look alone is enough to bring your fantasies to life. If you’re not convinced, feel free to check out her Pornhub profile where at the time of writing; she is ranking at number 16, with over a 112,000 subscribers and over 25 million total views. 

With all this sexual clout, fans eagerly awaited her sex tape as they wanted to see sexual acts that are censored on YouTube. A huge controversy erupted when she stated that she scrapped plans to do the tape; citing the fact that there already leaked videos of her online. Because of that, today everyone knows and searching for Lena The Plug xxx tape on the web.

While there were fans who surely felt blindsided (the entire ordeal dubbed ‘the betrayal’); the videos that she has uploaded on her Pornhub profile have made up for the debacle and appealed to the imagination of many. 

Not only has she posted mild videos such as one showing her breasts post-surgery and one about a fleshlight based on a mold of her vagina; but she has also posted fully on the action between herself and her boyfriend (sometimes with another female friend involved). 

Lena has one of the lowest numbers of videos of any high-ranking star at only 10 and has nevertheless managed to remain a top star; even winning the Celebrity of the Year award at the 2018 Pornhub awards. 

It’s important that she does not bare it all on such a public site as it would be detrimental to one of her biggest streams of income, private cam shows.

Cam Shows 

Live cams are indeed where those who are willing to pay to get to see it all. And though Lena's YouTube channel still draws millions of viewers, doing private cam shows online is Lena’s latest venture. 

The official lena the plug website is a site that offers private Snapchat access to two models, Lena the Plug and Karlee Grey. While the 24-year-old Karlee is a bombshell in her own right; if the name of the site is any indicator, Lena is the star of the show here. 

Subscribers can take advantage of Lena’s Snapchat Premium, a service that is popular for reasons such as sex shows. This service allows her private audience to see what she describes as “her naughtiest videos ever". 

She offers content that covers foot worship, girl on girl action, POV, threesomes, anal, and solo videos. 

The draw here is the fact that with all these offerings; it’s not meant to feel like a premium porn site. The idea is to have an interactive platform as Lena encourages sending messages to her; some of which she responds to with raunchy photos. For those who are shy, she posts something for everyone up to five times a week. Her only rules are that subscribers be respectful and not screenshot her Snapchat stories.

Lena The Plug Reddit topics are trendy, and the conversations always includes lots of attention.

You may check out Lena the Plug if you’d like on her YouTube channel.

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