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Sabrina Nichole

  American nude model Sabrina Nichole alludes to not thinking that she would ever be able to be a Playboy model (though she always wanted to be one) because Sabrina used to view herself as an ugly duckling, particularly in her high school days. She was born in Dallas, Texas on January 30, 1995, and is a Texas girl at heart. Throughout her high school life, she did not consider herself as beautiful in any sense. Not only did she think she was mediocre at best; but a definite lack of self-esteem also did not help matters. She was (and still is) into hobbies that considered as geeky and anti-social as they do not necessarily include interaction with those in the immediate surrounding. Sabrina would read manga, watch Japanese and English anime, and spend a lot of time on video games. She cites one of her favorite genres of video games to be MMORPGs such as Eve, World of Warcraft, and DOTA; where she can interact with large online communities. Of course, with an attitude toward herself such as this and the fact that her interests were deemed socially awkward by her peers; she was a victim of bullying. Sabrina was one of those students that bullying ended up having a positive effect on; as she managed to embrace the few good qualities, she could identify and start her development of self-love and inner strength. Little did she know her life was about to change forever and she would leave her old Texas life behind.  

Sabrina's Transition to Playboy

In 2014, Sabrina was living her normal life as a 19-year old girl waiting tables in Dallas for cash. She was doing this during Bikini Week and based on the theme; she decided that she would wear a bikini piece to work. Sabrina instantly noticed by Jose Luis of Playboy, who made his intention to photograph her known as soon as he saw her. Of course, given the clout of the company, she first had to pass a test shoot. Since she was still obliviously unaware of how much her stock had risen since her unattractive days in high school; Sabrina initially thought she was being messed with not only because she was still pretty sure she was nothing special; but also because anyone could've made his approach. Luis was kind enough to put her reasonable skepticism to rest with proof of previous work. Once she was convinced, she proceeded to go through with the test shoot. Not only was the once ugly duckling now photogenic, but she was also a natural in front of the camera. Over the next year, she would seemingly shed her inhibitions as she was now more comfortable in front of the camera. She was now doing nude shoots and even managed to win the 2015 Cybergirl of the Month for April. For those who were familiar with the less attractive iteration of Sabrina; there is still shock at the fact that she is now a bombshell; she is posing for Playboy, and she seems to have a full air of confidence about her. She has even gone on to highlight how privileged she is to have her body and the fact that she is in love with it.  

Cam Modeling

Naturally, after doing Playboy nude and becoming as comfortable as she did on camera; the transition to living streaming as a cam model was natural for Sabrina Nichole. You can watch her profile on Camsoda where she states that her interests are inclusive with men, women, and transsexuals listed as desirables. On the site, Sabrina can receive tips for her performances (even when offline. The option also exists for buying her Snapchat. This is to gain access to her Snapchat page, which is used to provide her subscribers with adult content. Though Sabrina poses nude and has a page on a site such as this one; she is adamant about the fact that there are certain acts she refuses to perform on camera. While she is willing to engage in sexy actions such as twerking, jiggling her breasts, zooming in on her vagina, and sucking on some objects; she is not ready to make herself a sexual plaything as she describes the service she offers as striptease only. To eliminate the confusion, she does not engage in sexual intercourse on camera, nor does she masturbate on film. She also has a link to her Twitch page listed there as she is still an avid gamer and gets just as excited at the prospect of people watching her play video games as she does at people watching her do a striptease.  

Additional Info

Sabrina Nichole is on the slenderer side as she stands at 5’8” and weighs only 128 lbs. Usually, you can expect that a woman with such a frame has small breasts, but Sabrina breaks out of that stereotype with her large breasts. She takes a lot of pride in them not only because they defy expectations; but also because they have not altered in any way. Her measurements are 32-25-35 with her bra size being an impressive 32DDD or 32 F. Even now she doesn’t consider herself to be much in the talent department. This is specially reinforced when you take into consideration the fact that she cites friendliness and understanding as her top qualities. These shown when interacting with others as she is warm in her speech and willing to listen to understand as opposed to looking to respond. While she is currently single, Sabrina is aware of what she would like to see in a potential suitor. She states that above all, she adores a pleasant personality and a willingness to express emotions in a man. Sabrina prefers men to look physically fit and to be in excellent health. Nevertheless, she is willing to leap with someone who does not match that aesthetic once he meets the personality requirements. Sabrina has quite the following on social media as her Instagram page boasts almost 200,000 followers and her Twitter page boasts 86,000 followers.   Don't forget to check out another favorite cam model Jenna Shea

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Name sabrinanicholebun
Gender Female
Location Dallas
Languages English
Interested In Men, Women, Transsexuals
Hair Color Purple
Current Show
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Average
Breast Size 34DDD
Body Decorations Yes
Orientation Straight
Tags Sabrina Nichole
Age 24
Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight 128 lbs (58 kg)