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Jasmine Jnad, better known “Traprapunzel” and as Trap Rapunzelis, a California based Syrian webcam model who describes herself as being shy in person.
This seems to be in speech only (as she has a very reserved tone) as she is not shy to show off her massive behind even on her YouTube channel.
Her reserved persona may be one of the reasons she is one of the less mainstream webcam models. She is a pure Syrian as she was born to two Syrian parents.

Her beauty, her ability to speak well; and her physical appeal are a combination that dictates that this bombshell is not to be stepped on.
Incredibly, as beautiful as she looks; she advises that her body is all natural and being mindful of her nutrition is her only method of maintaining it.
While she once did many exercises (mainly for her voluptuous bottom half); she has ceased the practice as she states that there is no noticeable difference between her look now versus her look then.

On the topic of her looks, she wasn’t always as confident as she is now, nor was she comfortable in her skin.
This is because she lived a large part of her life being morbidly obese; even tipping the scales at 260 lbs at one point in her life.
Traprapunzel was so insecure about herself at the time that she also assumed that people are laughing at her whenever anyone around her would laugh and she was unaware of the reason.
It did not help matters that she was a victim of constant bullying due to her size.

Traprapunzel's Personality

Traprapunzel’s reserved persona means she does not enjoy being around crowds.
On her YouTube channel, she particularly highlighted the fact that places; where there are huge crowds with many things going on, are not really for her.
Being a fan of Disney, she came up with the name Traprapunzel out of the desire to incorporate something Disney princess related into her username.
Since Rapunzel wasn't available, she settled on Traprapunzel as she considers herself a “trap star.” She has not looked back since.
She enjoys staying indoors, working, and shopping. In terms of cuisine, she is a lover of seafood and lists sushi at the top of her favorite dishes.
She openly acknowledges the fact that while she does spoil herself, she enjoys spoyling just a bit more.
Due to this, she lists getting tips as one of her favorite things, as well as one of her biggest turn-ons. While she is a fan of cash, she is turned off to a similar degree by liars.
Lying is at the top of the list as her biggest pet peeves.
Her shyness translates into a bit of anxiety in certain situations.
Examples she gives are the way men stare at her daily, the way people used to look at her when she went to the gym, and the dirty looks people who know what she does give her while passing snide comments.  
As comfortable as she now is in her skin, she is still uncomfortable when these things occur.

For the Camera

Traprapunzel is a natural in front of the camera and even in videos where she’s sitting; staring at a camera, and speaking, her attractiveness is impossible to deny.
The 5’4”, 161-pound curvy beauty is out of this world with one of the most captivating smiles on the internet; a beautiful pair of eyes, and silky-smooth skin.
Tattoo lovers may not be a fan of the fact that she doesn’t have a single tattoo. However, the lack of ink complements the rest of her look perfectly.
Traprapunzel has a private Snapchat where fans can get down with her naughtier side for a fee.
As she continuously reiterates, she loves when her fans are spoiling her and getting tips, so if you’re looking to get into her good graces, tipping may be the way to go with her.
A fun fact to note is that she considers herself an expert at twerking; which is excellent news for her viewers considering the size of her ass.
She is dedicated to pleasing her audience and has plans to tailor her YouTube channel to fit the desires of her viewers.
Currently, she has a small Ytube channel that stands at 11,000 subscribers at the time of writing this piece. While her subscriber count may seem low; she is undoubtedly on the rise as the channel is less than a year old and has just under 900,000 views across her four videos.

Social Media

While Traprapunzel has a small audience on Youtube, her Instagram page is undoubtedly a giant in comparison.
At the time of writing, she only follows 19 pages and yet has amassed 249,000 followers. Her two most recent posts, which intended at showing off her curves received 20,000 and 23,000 likes respectively.
Her Instagram page provides a short description and a link to her official page where fans can subscribe to get all the steamy images and videos of the curvy bombshell that they want.
She also has a backup Instagram account linked in her bio as she has had some trouble with the site before due to the steamy nature of her content.
She only follows a single page on that account, and yet has managed to gain over 17,000 followers.
Her last picture posted on that account received over 13,000 likes.
While the 21-year old “trap star” is new to the webcam modeling and social media scene; current trends indicate that her popularity is rising fast and there is no doubt that once her content library increases; her YouTube subscriber is expected to increase, making it a viable stream of income for her as well.
Additionally, there is her Snapchat premium service that can access via her official page (link is above); which allows access to private stories, direct messaging and communication, reserved pictures, etc.
The young webcam model has come into her own after living most of her life feeling as if she was not worth much.
What she has achieved up to now is a remarkable feat.
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Name traprapunzel
Gender Female
Languages English and Arabic
Hair Color blonde
Current Show
Eye Color green
Body Decorations No
Orientation Straight
Tags Traprapunzel
Smoke / Drink Yes
Ethnicity Middle East