Mruffalo – How is Abe Mikako: The hottest 18+ movie actress in JAV now?

Who is Abe Mikako?

In the JAV world, if anyone has watched since 2012, they will surely know the explosion of Abe Mikako. At that time, Mikako was only 18 years old and became a super-hot phenomenon in JAV movies. The charm of the 18-year-old girl has made him fall in love with him, creating a fever for Abe fans for many years.

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What is more special than we know is that Abe is also the founder of the art of sex tongue. She is the name at the forefront of selfie scenes with extremely flexible hands. After that, the sex tongue of Abe has become a new trend in the JAV world today. She is like a bomb exploding in the 18+ entertainment world and is welcomed by many people.

Currently, Abe’s movies are still attracting a large number of viewers. That’s why many JAV fans recently eagerly searched for information about this girl. Of course, we will also provide all information about her to answer your questions soon.

Biography of 18+ actor Abe Mikako

Mikako was born on February 21, 1994, in Tokyo, Japan. When she was just 18 years old when she reached adolescence, she began to embark on the path of adult movies. What makes people surprised; it was from her debut films that she had been daring in uncovered films.

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The hottest 18+ movies of Abe Mikako

Abe Mikako is an 18+ actress famous for her pure, lovely, and daring loli style. She has been in the profession for more than eight years, so the number of movies she plays is also hundreds. One thing in common that makes these movies so hot is thanks to Abe’s special acting. With a gentle voice, smooth movements, an Ear-catching moan stimulates excitement for her co-star.

The films Abe plays are diverse in content, from the scenes of bathing, kissing, BJ, 69, … And the extremely sexy and fancy movements make many hearts sob. Some of Abe Mikako’s must-have movies are:

  • HND- 218.
  • MIAD- 758.
  • TMHP- 051.
  • WANZ- 316.
  • ZEX- 126.
  • ZEX- 080.
  • MIGD- 702.

Abe Mikako is an 18+ actress that is very popular with fans in Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, … Up to now, she has a huge fan base on social networking sites. Not only doing 18+ movies but she also often releases her sexy photos to serve fans.

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